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Screen_shot_2011-12-08_at_7.38.07_PM Tracks hits the North Shore and so does a new swell.

Bikini’s fled in fear of a rising swell, into any crevice they could find. Nate Smith

Tracks arrived to an excited, expectant and somewhat anxious North Shore yesterday afternoon. The famous stretch has been notoriously quiet over the last few weeks, and with a macking swell now confirmed to arrive for the opening day of the Billabong Pipe Masters waiting period, there were plenty of the world’s best looking to find their big wave legs before the start of competition.

A final salute to the sun as surfers squeeze in one last wave or one more beer. Ben Bugden

With the last remaining sand still being washed from the reef yesterday, Pipe was dishing up some dangerous, ugly and warped six-to-eight feet slabs and there were no shortage of takers. One surfer who came off second best during the session was Kai Otton, who Tracks spotted filling up his ride with Petrol as we passed through Haleiwa on our entry to the North Shore. Yelling out to say g’day, Otts turned around and exposed a slightly busted melon – the result of a face first visit to the reef. We’re sure he’ll be good however and ready to step up when he faces Maui’s Ian Walsh in his first round heat.

With a solid NW swell set to rapidly build throughout the day, and expected to produce sets ranging from 14-16 ft on the face. The second reef is likely to come into play, and that my friends is exciting news. As we turn off the light for Tracks’ first night of the north shore we’ll be listening for the ominous rumble in the night and look forward to some amazing action tomorrow morning. Stay tuned…











One punter finds a gold nugget amoungst the slop. Ben Bugden

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