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Cats In The Cradle.
Age and experience mix with you and vitality in the Maldives.
By Kirk Owers

Kelvin Wilson, 59, is a man of well-worn routines. Every weekday he’s up in the dark and down to Cabarita for the early. Even if the apocalypse were unfolding he’d swing by the headland and check the waves anyway. Kelvin’s a surf hound through and through. Been to Cactus six times and Panatian Island twice. Grew up in Cronulla when it had dunes and those dunes were mountains. Moved north so his kids could experience the freedoms he enjoyed. All his boys grew into surfers and became Chris “Chippa” Wilson, world-famous freesurfer. So you can imagine, can’t ya, the waves they’ve shared around the globe as he guided his young protege towards surf stardom. Yeah bullshit. “I always went on surf trips with me mates,” says Kel. “I couldn’t afford to take the family. They could wait ’til they got a fucking job.”



McCabe Gerry & G-Land
By Dave Sparkes

Indian visionary Jawaharal Nehru has called Bali ‘The Morning of the World’, a testament to it’s unique spiritual, cultural and scenic beauty. A perfect analogy, and in surfing terms, just as appropriate given Bali’s status as the birthplace of Indonesian surfing. In fact, Bali was so magnetic, alluring and rich in empty surf spots that Grajagan Bay or Plengkung Point, initially went through to the keeper, despite having been discovered as early as 1972, just a year or two after Albee Falzon’s Morning of the Earth (a familiar sounding phrase) blew the lid well and truly off Bali.


Craig Anderson Is Taking A Moment
The stylish Novocastrian muses on curing burnout, staying relevant and sharing the same birthday as Easy-E

By Ben Bugden

After wrapping up filming for Kai Neville’s Cluster earlier this year, Craig admits he was definitely feeling the pressure that his job as one of the world’s premier high performance freesurfers can bring – the pressure of staying relevant.

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