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Tracks 2015 Board Test
All photos: Simon Williams

Without surfboards, we would not be surfers. And if we weren’t surfers, we would be far less intrepid. If we were not intrepid, we would have no reason to go to places like Indonesia’s Mentawai Islands before others ever dared.

There’s a saying – it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.

But in the case of the 2015 Tracks Board Test nothing could be further from the bloody truth. For our surfers, it was absolutely, 100% all about the destination. In this instance, we didn’t mind carrying a bunch of boards on the journey with us. It was for good reason, after all … The Tracks 2015 Surfboard Test. 20 Boards. 10 Days. 4 surfers. 1 boat.


Tracks Fun Board Test
All photos: Ben Bugden

Eight summer boards, a north coast playground and Asher Pacey’s observations from three days in a surfing wonderland. Welcome to the 2015 Tracks Fun Board Test. Discover the screamingly enjoyable crafts that’ll not only get you through summer, but leave you begging for more.


Board Stories
By Luke Kennedy

Rasta’s Yellow Cloud, the Tracks Twinnie, Julian and JS, Bryce and Burch’s asymmetricals, Toledo’s Sharp Eye, The White Ghost, shark repellant sticks, Beaters and many more. These are the stories behind the boards that made all the noise in 2015.


Slater’s Boardrobe
By Luke Kennedy

At times it seemed like a fashion show in which Kelly would strut down to every session with a different outfit. “Oh my God, look at what Kelly’s riding now!” the WSL commentators would screech like compares on the red carpet at Oscars night, when Kelly paddled out on something new.

Kelly has been prepared to risk much in the pursuit of the perfect board for each setting, take a look in his boardrobe and see what he was riding.


A Twin Fin Kinda Thing
By Alex Workman

You are only confined by the walls of yourself.” I heard this quote recently and wondered if this is what Byron Bay’s Torren Martyn thought when he was considering his quiver for a three-month stint in Indonesia … nothing but a quiver of Twin Fins.


Good Moon Rising
By Luke Kennedy

Andrew Mooney in a kind of mid-twenties limbo. While adapting to the real world grind, searching for purpose and still trying to surf he pin-balled in and out of a bunch of different jobs. Carpet laying, train maintenance man, stone masonry, hotel bell-boy, and carpentry were all added to his resume … then he found shaping.


Michael’s Ranch
By Emily Brugman

After a lifetime working in the industry, Michael has put down the sander. A new chapter awaits him, but he’s certainly not averse to talking about the good old days.


Paipo’s and Jarjums
Photos and words: Dave Sparkes

How a simple Paulownia Paipo building workshop helped reconnect Aboriginal kids (jarjums) with their traditional culture.



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