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We’re in the grips of winter and that means big south swells, surf trips to Indo and tube duels in paradise. On the cover Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham packs into a Desert drainer and the Australian expat takes Tracks on a journey through the Indonesian archipelago as Soli Bailey and Harrison Roach play sidekick. Monty Webber sits down with Shane Herring to discuss the life and times of one of surfing’s brightest stars. Matt Banting talks Port Macquarie, the lack of Aussie camaraderie and the search of the qualification dream. talks shop and we meet Peter Whish-Wilson, the senator in the green room. Fall under the spell of south coast perfection and never again blow the early with our 2014 Tracks Watch Guide. Plus all your regulars; Letters, Stuff We Dig, The Good Oil and more.

Plus bonus DVD Perspective. Three short films, three surfers, three very different journeys. Dingo, Herring & Asher Pacey.

Tracks September – The Next Best Thing To A Grower


Sunday to Sunday (excerpt)

The tall, slender Scandinavian girl with the dress that invites a glance at her bra-less chest, is explaining to a group of friends how cumbersome it is to wear a 5/4 suit all-year round in Norway. Sweet pours off the faces of those who listen intently beneath a Sunday afternoon Bali sun that paints the sky into layers of pastels. The girl is surrounded by a melting pot crowd of Australians, Americans, Europeans and South Americans – effervescent travellers who have come to Bali to ride waves; eat, pray love and to party…


Shane Herring (excerpt)

In 1991 I got a call from my brother Greg, he wanted me to shoot some footage of a young surfer he had just sponsored. At the time Greg owned a company called Insight and I had been videoing a couple of his team riders with a view to making a surf movie for them. I had by that stage of my life seen and filmed many great surfers, but few compared to what I was about to witness. 


The Surfing Senator (excerpt)

Peter Whish-Wilson looks comfortable in a suit. He knows where to eat in New York and where to rent in Hong Kong. When stockbrokers gather in Manhattan bars to talk derivatives and collateralized debt obligations he understands the language. He is one of the tribe. The Greens Senator has a Masters in economics and has high-rolled for the Deutche Bank and for Merrill Lynch when it was the world’s largest brokerage and handled trillions in client assets. But Whish-Wilson turned his back on big money and big suits in his prime. Something was missing. Larger wheels were turning. Frankly he wasn’t getting enough waves… 


Matt Banting ‘Rise Above’ (excerpt)

Fresh off a win at the Lost Cabos Open of Surfing, mid-north coast boy Matt Banting spills the beans on avoiding trouble in Port Macquarie, the lack of Aussie camaraderie and how he’s rising above it all in search of the qualification dream…  

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