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Photos: The Evening Before the Pipe Masters

Bruce and John John share a tube, Kelly arrives and Brazilian girls cartwheel into the sunset.

Conditions were dreamy last night on the North Shore. The wind had stilled and Pipeline, Backdoor and Off The Wall looked like it was ripped straight out of a schoolboy scribbled notebook as the world’s best surfers warmed up for the Pipe Masters. Hungry freesurfers jockeyed for position along with season vets trying to court the attention of photographers, videographers and everyone lining the shore. Bruce and John John toyed with Backdoor as they tried to hand over a GoPro mid tube while Gabriel took out his foamie and Kelly went to the air. As the sun dipped over the horizon half a dozen Brazilian girls put on their own show on the sand providing a provocative distraction as they cartwheeled and giggled like hyenas. It’s true what the say, Pipeline is the best free show on earth.

Photos: Joli/Ord


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